On Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Msgr. Csaba Ternyák, Archbishop of Eger, accompanied by Auxiliary Bishops Msgr. Katona and Msgr. Palánki, together with their collaborators at the Episcopate, in the presence of the rectors of the Theological College of Eger and the Diocesan Seminary, presided the Solemn Blessing of the Redemptoris Mater Diocesan Missionary Seminary of Eger. This seminary is one of the 95 seminaries in all the continents that prepare youth from the Neocatechumenal Communities for the presbyterate. The first Redemptoris Mater Seminary was founded in Rome by Blessed John Paul II in 1987, in the context of the then being born Missio Implantatio Ecclesiae at the most dechristianized cities in the world (at the shanty-towns of Latin-America, the cities of Northern Germany, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, etc.), where entire families were sent from the Neocatechumenal Communities together with their children, in order that living and evangelizing they would become a Christian reference-point for people , who only saw in the Church a remnant of the old times. This new mission needed priests, who in a team together with lay people could not only preach the Gospel, but also celebrate the Sacraments in the renascent Christian communities. One year after the birth of the Seminary of Rome was born the one of Medellin (Colombia), and in 1990 the Seminaries of Madrid and Warsaw; after each year new seminaries were born. Later on the experience of the Implantatio Ecclesiae grew wider: not only families, but entire communities made up of families, celibate people with a priest sent by the bishop founded pastoral centers outside of the parochial structure, destined for people who were not in relation with the Church anymore, or who have got far away from it. Such a mission exists at Miskolc for three years already.

The Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Eger was erected April 12, 2012 by Msgr. Ternyák at the Cenacle of Jerusalem, where our Lord Jesus Christ has founded the Sacraments of the Eucharist and the Priesthood. Already from September 2011 a group of 8 young men, participating at the Missio Ad Gentes of Miskolc started their preparation under the guidance of Rev. Gellért Ailer, to undertake the common life of the new seminary. Back then they lived two-by-two at the homes of the families of the Mission participating in their everyday lives. The Hungarians attended the Theological College of Eger while the foreigners were studying Hungarian language. In July 2012 the seminarians together with the newly nominated rector Rev. Michał Muszyński from the Archdiocese of Warsaw, had moved into the house at 29 Széchenyi Street at Eger, and started to fix the house and to adjust it to the needs of the seminary. In September new candidates were received: from Hungary, Brasil, Italy, Nicaragua and the Philippines. This scholastic year one seminarian attends the University of Pázmány, 7 attends the Theological College of Eger and 4 are in intensive Hungarian language course.

The formation of the candidates to the priesthood at the Redemptoris Mater Seminaries follow two tracks. One is expressed in the everyday life of the seminary: the fraternal and international community helps to experience the victory of the Crucified and Risen Christ over the separation and disagreement that comes from nationalism, age, lifestyle and material conditions. Thanks to Christ the impediments become a challenge and an opportunity to experience the help from above. The seminarians every day participate at the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, individual prayer and once a week all together they are scrutinizing Sacred Scripture in order to hear what the Lord is saying through His Word. The second track of formation is linked with the formation to adult faith, which is carried out in a way confirmed by the Holy See in the Neocatechumenal Communities, where the seminarians learn in accordance with the words of St. Augustine, to be first Christians together with the lay brothers and sisters so that after they can become priests for them.

The Solemn Blessing of the Seminary was a very joyful event. The new house was filled with the joyous and harmonious sounds of the Gregorian psalms of the Vespers and the songs accompanied by guitars. Besides the Bishops and priests there were also present the Responsible Team for the Neocatechumenal Way in Hungary: Anna Maria Federici, Rev. Bruno Lulli and Andrew Kelly, the architect Imre Walton, who designed the new interior of the Seminary and the brothers and sisters that are helping in the functioning of the seminary.

In his homily Msgr. Ternyák expressed his good wish that the new seminary would manage to form priests who will take part in the transformation of the Church, which should be not only a well governed institute, but above all a community made up of authentic Christians – week, sinners and imperfect – but always in conversion towards the plans of God.

During the rite of blessing all the building was sprinkled with holy water and was incensed as a sign of being destined and honored for a sacred duty to form presbyters for the New Evangelization.